Lake Michigan House Renovation: A Modern Rustic Kids’ Room

It’s been seven weeks since we started demo on our new (/really old) house near Lake Michigan, and let’s just say I have a newfound respect for Joanna Gaines. Making old, run down houses look even halfway decent is a major, major job.

So, I did what any rational homeowner in the midst of project-halting plumbing and lead paint issues would do: I jumped 10 steps ahead and started planning the decor. (Let’s be honest though I’ve been planning the decor since the first time we walked in the front door with our realtor).

I’ve talked a little bit about the inspiration for my decor plans for the house before. My muse is this boutique hotel group based on Cape Cod, called Salt Hotels. They do these amazing classic-vintage properties that also manage to feel 100% current, too. But, after thinking a little more about the location of the house (it’s about a half mile off the coast of Lake Michigan in a town that’s kind of rough around the edges but having a renaissance of sorts) I want to give it a slightly more rustic and less polished feel that I’d originally thought.

I haven’t finished mock-ups for the whole house yet, but I am pretty much settled on what the kids’ room will look like (I say “kids” even though I currently only have one kid because Wells already has four cousins who will bunk with him, and there’s probably a sibling somewhere down the line). Here’s what I’ve got.

The Kids’ Room

kids room design - verlo to go mattress
So I’ll start with the bed. I wanted something in a Jenny Lind style and the closest I could find was this bunk bed from the Novogratz (but I love it and it’s only $150 at Walmart, woop!).

I also already got two mattresses from Verlo To-Go (they’re essentially a bed-in-a-box, and SO comfortable because they’re made fro gel foam just like the company’s original mattresses). We’re trying to furnish the house a little at a time, so we got these because they’re easy to store while the house renovations finish up. the boxes are 16.75″ x 16.75″ x 43″ no matter what size mattress you buy. We got twin-size for the kids’ room. I must confess, however, that I couldn’t help myself so I opened one of the mattresses so I could watch it expand because it’s slightly unbelievable to me that a box that compact could hold an entire mattress 🙂

I’m still debating the duvet, but this ticking stripe Ikea one is adorable (and $30!).

This rug is from Kate Spade, but I already own a similar one and my just end up using that one, but the effect will be very similar.

As for the accents, I have a major design crush on the website United by Blue at the moment. They have this vintage, campy style that I love, and want to incorporate a few of their pennants, like the “Explore” one above into the room since it seems fitting for a lake house. The mirror is from Target, the wall sconce is from Amazon, the buffalo check pillow is from Chairish, and the ticking stripe on is Dash & Albert, from Layla Grace.

I’m doing my best to hold my trigger finger and not buy everything until we’re a little closer to the renovations being finished, but it’s really, really hard. Even though I plan out all of my room designs in advance, I feel like I may tweak some things once I see how the finished house looks.

I’m working on the rest of the spaces this week, and will share those soon!

*This post was sponsored by Verlo To-Go! Opinions and excitement over their super-awesome mattresses is my own 🙂