How I Found My First Freelance Writing Clients

If you’re considered launching a freelance writing career (or any sort of freelance career), the biggest obstacle you’re probably facing is landing that first client. The truth: You’ll probably have to try a few different strategies in order to successfully find your first client, but none of them are all that extreme.

I came across my first freelance writing client on Mediabistro’s job board more than four years ago. The company posted that they were looking for a blogger to help them with content marketing efforts, and they happened to be in the home decor space. At the time, I was working as an editor for a home decor magazine, so it ended up being a perfect fit because I knew a lot about the interior design industry already (it’s since become my niche as both a content marker and a magazine writer). They paid me $1,000 a month to write 12 blog posts, and we still work together today.

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